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Duonix Bike-Scan 100 Professional for BMW Bikes

Duonix Bike-Scan 100 Professional Scantool for BMW Motorcycles

Duonix Bike-Scan 100 Professional for BMW Bikes
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Product details

Product details

** Limited Time Offer Price **

The Duonix Bike-Scan 100 Professional is an advanced diagnostic tool for BMW and Husqvarna motorcycles.

Covering bikes between around 2000 and 2016 (and later if you purchase the version with a 16-pin adaptor), the tool has no limitations on the number of bikes it may be used with and comes with free software updates


  • Professional and cost-effective diagnosis
  • Multilanguage (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • No limitation or restriction to models and VIN
  • Free software updates

Special Functions Offered

  • Read and erase errors with shadow memory
  • Date and time setting, e.g. After battery replacement
  • Reset the adaptation values for the motor control unit
  • Live data
  • Read the actual KM
  • Read chassis number
  • Valve clearance service reset
  • Foil giver calibration (e.g., 1200GS)
  • Idle position calibration
  • Brake wear indicator Initialize
  • Wind shield calibration
  • ESA / SAF calibration
  • Stepper adjustment
  • Exhaust flap adjustment
  • Gauge adaptation
  • Actuator output
  • TPMS training / programming

Video demonstration of the package in use

Supported Models

The Duonix Bike-Scan 100 Professional supports all BMW series C1 / R / K / F / G / HP / S models with a 10-pin diagnostic socket from approximately year 2000 to 2016.
Please note - late 2016 and newer models that follow the EU-4 standard have a 16-pin OBD-II type diagnostic socket. To cover those models you will require the version with a 16-pin adaptor.

BMW Models (must have a 10-pin diagnostic socket):
  • Roller C1
  • R1100S
  • R1150
  • R1200R
  • R1200RT
  • R1200GS + Adventure
  • K1200S
  • K1300S
  • K1300R
  • F650GS
  • F800ST
  • F800GS
  • F800R
  • HP4
  • HP2 Sport + Megamoto
  • S1000RR
  • S1000R
  • S1000XR
  • R nineT
  • K1600
  • K50 R1200 LC
  • K51 R1200GS Adventure
  • K52 R1200RT
  • K53 R1200R
  • F700GS
  • G650GS
  • F650XX
  • C600
  • C650
  • G450
  • C-evolution
  • Etc
Husqvarna Models (must have a 10-pin diagnostic socket):
  • Nuda 900 / R
  • TR 650

Supported Controllers

  • Engine electronics from Motronic 2.4
  • Central electronics
  • Combination instrument
  • Tyre pressure control
  • ABS anti-lock system from I-ABS
  • Theft alarm system
  • Radio
  • Radiobed control section
  • Electric Hydraulic tipping stands
  • Semiactive suspension
  • Electronic chassis adjustment

Package Contents

  • Diagnostic device
  • 10-pin diagnostic cable
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Case


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