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Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Mini / GT90 Update Packs

Update renewal for the Foxwell GT80 & GT90 Series Touchscreen Tablet Diagnostic Systems

Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Mini / GT90 Update Packs

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Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Mini / GT90 Update Packs

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Product details

When your free software update period expires for your Foxwell GT80+, GT80 Mini or GT90 diagnostic system, you can now renew the software updates for 1, 2 or 3 years.

If your free updates have expired, this product will reactivate your tool on Foxwell's update servers for a period of 1, 2 or 3 Years from the date of purchase.
If your tool is still within an active subscription period, your updates will be extended by 1, 2 or 3 years from the current expiry date.

As with the 18 months / 3 years of updates that come free with your tool, at the end of the extended update period you are purchasing, the tool will not "time out" - it will continue to function with the software currently installed, but will not be able to download further updates until another update pack is purchased.

Have my updates expired?

GT80 / GT80+:
Until July 2017, the GT80 / GT80+ tools came with 18 months of free software updates. Any unit supplied from July 3rd 2017 onwards (or with an active subscription on that date) had the free update period extended to 3 years.
If you've had your GT80 / GT80 Plus unit for more than 18 months and it is now not showing any available updates on the update server, your free update period may have expired. (Recent versions of the FoxScanner update software will inform you if your license has expired).

GT80 Mini / GT90:
All GT80 Mini & GT90 units were supplied with 3 years of free software updates, and the FoxScanner / FoxAssist update software will inform you if your license has expired.


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