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Mazda RX8 Diagnostics

The UK-sold Mazda RX8 (2003 onwards) is EOBD and OBD-II compliant. Therefore, can be used with any EOBD and OBD-II diagnostic tool.

EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostics) is a standard that covers the engine and emissions systems. When an EOBD fault code is stored, the orange Engine symbol will illuminate on the dash. An EOBD reader will allow you to read and clear this fault code Ė clearing the code will switch-off the fault light.

Gendan Limited offers handheld EOBD readers from £ 26.95 inc VAT and UK postage. Please see the following link:

Gendan GCR05 Code Reader

If you prefer a PC-based diagnostic system, PC interfaces and software are available from £ 64.94. These PC interfaces offer live engine data (including the all-important MAF readings) in graphical and numerical format in addition to fault code reading:

EngineCheck PC interface and software

As mentioned above, EOBD only covers the engine and emissions systems. If a fault occurs on the ABS or Airbag systems for example, this will not be detected by an EOBD fault code reader. You need a diagnostic tool that can talk on Mazdaís own diagnostic language to access additional vehicle systems. For example, the Foxwell NT611 diagnostic tool can access fault codes and live sensor data from Mazda Engine, Airbag, ABS and Automatic Transmission systems.

Foxwell NT611 Scan Tool

For those who would like to talk to the majority of systems on the car, Foxwell also offer a more advanced tool, which supports most (usually all) systems on the vehicle - the NT641. This tool can also reset the oil service indicator on some Mazda models.

Foxwell NT641 Scan Tool

Below is a table showing a summary of the diagnostic coverage of a range of tools for the Mazda RX8 2003 onwards:

Diagnostic Tool Engine Fault Code Reading Live Engine Sensor Data Mazda Airbag, ABS, Automatic Transmission
fault code reading
Support for additional Mazda RX8 systems Price
GCR05 Code Reader Yes £26.95
Foxwell NT301 Scan Tool Yes Yes £85.00
EngineCheck Software and PC interface Yes Yes £64.94
Foxwell NT611 Scan Tool Yes Yes Yes £170.00
Foxwell NT641 Scan Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes £285.00

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