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MultiECUScan ABS / PS Adaptor Cable (Adapter 1)
Green adaptor cable for MultiECUScan for ABS, Power Steering and Xenon coverage

Green 16 pin break-out adaptor cable for the MultiECUScan software (Adapter 1).

Allows access to ABS and Power Steering on some models without the need to modify your diagnostic interfaces.
MultiECUScan ABS / PS Adaptor Cable (Adapter 1)
£ 9.95
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MultiECUScan Coloured Adaptor Cables
Additional system adaptor extension cables for MultiECUScan diagnostic software

All 4 16-pin break-out adaptor cables required for full coverage from the MultiECUScan software.

- Green cable (Adapter 1) to cover ABS and Power Steering systems
(Includes pin 12 required for Fiat Croma)
- Red cable (Adapter 2) to cover airbags
- Yellow cable (Adapter 3) to cover low-speed CAN systems.
- Purple cable (Adapter 4) to cover electric hood systems.
- Blue cable (Adapter 5) to cover MS-CAN systems.
- Grey cable (Adapter 6) to cover high-speed CAN systems.
MultiECUScan Coloured Adaptor Cables
£ 23.95
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MultiECUScan Hardware Only Bundle
Diagnostic interface & adaptor cable bundle for MultiECUScan diagnostic software

Hardware-only bundle for the MultiECUScan diagnostic package. Compatible with the shareware and licensed software versions.

Hardware included:
- ODBLink SX USB Interface
- 'KKL' (VAG-COM) USB interface
- Green ABS & Power Steering adaptor lead
- Red airbag adaptor lead
- Yellow CAN adaptor lead
- Purple electric hood adaptor lead
- Blue MS-CAN adaptor lead
- Grey high-speed CAN adaptor lead
This option does NOT include the MultiECUScan software.
MultiECUScan Hardware Only Bundle
£ 74.95
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