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Oxygen/Lambda Sensor finder

Let us find an oxygen sensor for your car.

In order for us to find a replacement sensor, please provide us with as much information as possible using the form below.

We will do our best to source the part, and will contact you within one working day (normally within a couple of hours).

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Manufacturer (e.g. Ford)
Model (e.g. Fiesta Zetec S)
Engine Size (e.g. 1.25l)
Fuel type
Engine code (if known)
Year of manufacture
Vehicle Registration
Chassis number (if known)
Car source

NOTE: If your car is imported, you will need to provide us with the part numbers from the existing sensor below. We cannot quote without this information.
Sensor required

In most cases you will only need to change the front sensor(s) on a car, unless you have a fault code specifically pointing to a problem with the rear sensor(s).
Part numbers from existing sensor (if known)
Your name
Your email address

NOTE: We will not distribute or use this email address for any other purpose.
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