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Fiat, Vauxhall Coil Pack

Ignition coil pack for some Fiat and Vauxhall vehicles

Fiat, Vauxhall Coil Pack
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Product details

Product details

Ignition coil pack for some Fiat and Vauxhall vehicles
  • Ignition coil pack - block type
  • Package contents = 1 block
  • On some vehicles, more than one pack may be required
  • - please check your vehicle before ordering
  • See Compatible vehicles page for known applications

Compatible vehicles

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:
Model Engine Code
Punto 1.6i 90 ELX 8v 90bhp 176A9.000
4/1994 to 5/1997
Astra 1.4i 8v 59bhp (Delco-Remy coils) C14NZ
(2T14053 or higher)
8/1990 to 8/1998
Astra 1.4i 8v 81bhp (Delco-Remy coils) C14SE
(2T14053 or higher)
10/1991 to 8/1998
Astra 1.4i 8v Ecotec X14NZ
2/1996 to 8/1998
Astra 1.6i 16v 99bhp X16XEL
8/1994 to 8/1998
Astra 1.6i 8v 69bhp X16SZ
3/1993 to 4/1997
Astra 1.6i 8v 74bhp (Delco-Remy coils) X16SZR
4/1996 to 12/2000
Astra 1.6i 8v 99bhp (Delco-Remy coils) C16SE
3/1992 to 8/1998
Astra Van 1.6i 8v 74bhp X16SZ
11/1991 to 8/1994
Cavalier 1.6i 8v 69bhp Ecotec X16SZ
8/1993 to 10/1995
Corsa 1.2i 8v 44bhp X12SZ
3/1993 to 10/2000
Corsa 1.4i 16v 90bhp (Delco-Remy coils) X14XE
8/1994 to 10/2000
Corsa 1.4i 8v 44bhp (Delco-Remy coils) C14SE
4/1993 to 3/1999
Corsa 1.4i 8v 59bhp X14SZ
4/1993 to 3/1999
Corsa 1.6GSi 16v 104bhp (Delco-Remy coils) X16XE
9/1994 to 10/2000
Corsa 1.6GSi 16v 107bhp (Delco-Remy coils) C16XE
8/1993 to 8/1994
Nova 1.4SRi 82bhp C14SE
(2T14053 or higher)
2/1992 to 3/1993
Nova 1.6GSi 100bhp (Sagem coils) C16SE
2/1992 to 3/1993
Tigra 1.4i 16v 89bhp (Delco-Remy coils) X14XE
11/1994 to 1/2001
Tigra 1.6i 16v 104bhp (Delco-Remy coils) X16XE
11/1994 to 8/2000
Vectra 1.6i 16v 99bhp X16XEL
(Fitted with Block Coil Pack)
10/1995 to 5/2002
Vectra 1.6i 8v 74bhp X16SZR
10/1995 to 5/2002

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