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Foxwell NT680 Series Model Upgrade

Upgrade from NT680 Lite or All Systems Scan Tools

Foxwell NT680 Series Model Upgrade

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Foxwell NT680 Series Model Upgrade

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Product details

Foxwell are now able to upgrade the software of the lower specification NT680 series Scan Tools without having to replace the physical tool.

The three NT680 series tools are:
  • NT680 Lite - 4 systems (engine, SRS, ABS, AT) diagnostics, plus Oil Reset and EPB functions.
  • NT680 All Systems - All systems diagnostics, plus Oil Reset and EPB functions.
  • NT680 Pro - All systems diagnostics, plus a wider range of service and calibration functions.
The 3 upgrade options available are:
  1. NT680 Lite upgrade to NT680 All Systems
  2. NT680 Lite upgrade to NT680 Pro
  3. NT680 All Systems upgrade to NT680 Pro

How does it work?

If you press the Select Option button above, you can choose which option you require. When you select Add to basket on that option, you'll be prompted to enter the tool serial number (from the About screen in the tool menus), and the Foxwell UK Support ID from the label on the back of the tool.
We will supply your details to Foxwell who will upgrade the profile of the tool on the update servers, usually within 1-2 working days.
Once we let you know it's been done, you need to format the tool's SD card, then run FoxAssist to download all the software from scratch.

Prerequisites and Important Notes

In order to install the upgrade, you will need:
  • A Windows PC with the latest version of the FoxAssist update software installed
  • A MicroSD card reader (either USB or integrated into the PC)
  • Broadband internete access
Additionally, your NT680 tool must already be registered (to you!) with Foxwell, and you must be able to log in to the account.

Please note - as a digitally delivered product, this cannot be refunded once it has been processed by Foxwell. If you have any questions about the upgrades please ask BEFORE purchasing.

Important - non-UK Tools: If your tool does not have a Foxwell UK Support ID label on the back, it is not a Foxwell UK supplied tool. Therefore we will have no access to the tool details on Foxwell's admin portal. We can still process upgrades on non-UK tools, but as we cannot check the serial number you supply is correct, orders will be at your own risk.

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