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Vauxhall Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

3-wire Zirconia Sensor for some Vauxhall vehicles

Vauxhall Zirconia Oxygen Sensor
Product Code: LB1008
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Product details

Product details

This is a direct-fit 3-wire Zirconia oxygen sensor.

Compatible with some Vauxhall vehicles (see compatible vehicles page).

This sensor has the correct electrical connector fitted for use with compatible vehicles (no soldering required).
  • 3-wire Zirconia Oxygen / Lambda Sensor
  • Direct Fit - no soldering required
  • Total length (including wire): 1257mm
  • Replaces Bosch part: 0258003300, 0258003017, 0258003082
  • Replaces Bosch part: 0258003139
  • Replaces Vauxhall part: 90510147, 90231073, 90448458
  • Replaces Vauxhall part: 90397523, 90009053
  • See compatible vehicles section for known applications

Compatible vehicles

Compatible vehicles

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:
Model Engine Code
Kangoo 1.2i 8v 58bhp D7F710
8/1997 onward
Astra 2.0i 8v 113bhp C20NE
10/1991 to 8/1994
Astra 2.0i 8v 113bhp C20NE
10/1991 to 10/1993
Astra 2.0i GSi 16v 150bhp C20XE
10/1991 to 8/1994
Astra 2.0i GTE 16v 150bhp C20XE
8/1990 to 10/1991
Calibra 2.0i 16v 148bhp C20XE
6/1990 to 2/1994
Calibra 2.0i 6 Speed Turbo 16v 201bhp C20LET
4/1992 to 8/1998
Calibra 2.0i 8v 113bhp C20NE
6/1990 to 8/1996
Calibra 2.5i V6 24v 168bhp C25XE
8/1993 to 8/1998
Carlton 2.0i 8v 122bhp C20NE
9/1990 to 5/1994
Carlton 2.6i 12v 148bhp C26NE
9/1990 to 5/1994
Carlton 3.0i 24v 201bhp C30SE
10/1989 to 8/1993
Cavalier 2.0i 8v 113bhp C20NE
8/1990 to 8/1994
Cavalier 2.0i 8v 113bhp 4WD C20NE
9/1992 to 8/1994
Cavalier 2.5i 24v 168bhp C25XE
3/1993 to 10/1995
Frontera 2.0i 8v 113bhp C20NE
10/1991 to 9/1995
Frontera 2.4i 8v 123bhp C24NE
10/1991 to 4/1995
Senator 2.6i 12v 148bhp C26NE
9/1990 to 8/1993
Senator 3.0i 12v 177bhp C30NE
9/1990 to 12/1992
Sintra 2.2i 16v 139bhp X22XE
3/1997 to 7/1999
Vectra 2.5i 24v 168bhp X25XE
10/1995 to 9/2000

Additional information

Additional information

See compatible vehicles page for known applications

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