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Harley Davidson 4-Pin Motorscan tool

Harley Davidson Wireless Motorscan tool for bikes with 4-pin OBD connectors

Harley Davidson 4-Pin Motorscan tool
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Product details

Product details

Motorscan Diagnostic Package for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Easily read your bike's fault codes on your mobile

Motorscan's wireless OBD adapter easily diagnoses your Harley-Davidson bike at home or on the road. This package turns your smartphone into a powerful diagnostic tool! You can scan your bikes systems and search for diagnostic trouble codes. Either search all systems at once or connect individually. Simply click on a system that has fault codes to see the detailed descriptions. You can then clear the trouble codes or save the reports to show or email to your mechanic. View various parameters of your bikes systems live or use a virtual dashboard!

The 4-pin adapter is compatible with bikes from around 2004 and 2013 (with the 4-pin diagnostic connector and Delphi ECUs).


  • Professional level diagnosis
  • WiFi connection
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Mobile Devices
  • Motorscan App is free to download
  • This small adapter can potentially save you hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of your bike

Special Functions Offered

  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Reads VIN number and mileage
  • Control unit information
  • View live sensor values
  • Get ECU information and more.
  • And much more....

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Supported Models

The Motorscan 4-pin product is compatible with the following bikes:
  • Dyna 2004-2011
  • Softail 2004-2010
  • Sportster 2004-2013
  • Touring 2004-2013
  • Trike 2010-2013
  • V-Rod 2004-2018
Please click here for compatibility lists and system coverage.

Supported Systems

  • Ignition: Delphi ICM
  • Injection: Delphi ECM
  • Immobilizer: Delphi TSSM and Delphi HFSM
  • Dashboard: Delphi IM and Delphi HD
  • ABS Brembo Bosch ABS8M
  • Radio Harman Kardon Audio
Please note: Not all systems are installed on all motorcycles. May not be compatible with aftermarket injection mapping.

Package Contents

  • Plug-in Diagnostic device with 4-pin diagnostic connector
  • FREE app for Android and iPhone
  • Quick start guide
  • Free updates

NOTE on older bikes: Some of the early 2001-2003 models have been equipped with the Delphi electronic control modules (ECMs) that will work with our adapters. You can find out if your motorcycle is compatible by checking the number of wired pins in the diagnostic port, also known as the data link connector (DLC).. If only three of the pins are wired, then it's the Delphi ECM and the adapter is compatible. If all four pins are wired, then our adapter is not compatible with this motorcycle.


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