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Napzapper Anti-Drowsiness Alarm

Napzapper Anti-Drowsiness Driving Alarm

Napzapper Anti-Drowsiness Alarm
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Product details

Product details

The Nap Zapper is a simple-to-use anti-drowsiness alarm for drivers. The Nap Zapper fits neatly behind the driver's ear and provides an audible alert when the drivers head nods forward beyond a certain angle.

The alarm quickly wakes and alerts the driver that they are being overcome by tiredness and should stop driving.

Can also be used by non-drivers in many other applications, such as by security staff, by critical equipment monitoring staff or even by students in lectures!
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Comfortable, even with glasses
  • Powered by 6V DC battery (included)
  • Loud Audible alarm
  • Leather Key-chain case

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