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vLinker FD+ 4.0 Bluetooth Interface for ForScan

vLinker FD+ 4.0 Bluetooth Interface for ForScan

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vLinker FD+ 4.0 Bluetooth Interface for ForScan

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vLinker FD+ 4.0 Bluetooth Interface for ForScan

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Product details

Specifically designed for use with ForScan Lite (for Ford cars) on Android and iOS

Diagnose faults on your Ford using your mobile phone. Using the free ForScan Lite app you can quickly and easily read fault codes from the main systems on your Ford. This interface has been specifically designed for ForScan diagnostic software and will automatically switch pins for different CAN-bus networks on Ford models.

A Windows PC version of ForScan software can be downloaded directly from the ForScan website. Click here for more details. The Windows version diagnoses All Systems on Fords cars and also offers a range of Service Functions. The Windows PC version is fully compatible with the vLinker FD+ 4.0 Bluetooth interface.

About the vLinker FD+ 4.0 Bluetooth interface

  • Electronic switch allows FORScan to access all CAN buses simultaneously on Ford models and enables advanced functions not possible with toggle switch adapters
  • Over voltage and over current protection
  • Sleep mode and Battery Saver technology to prevent battery drain
  • Pocket-sized, great to keep in the car
  • Version 4.0 has been improved to allow coding and higher data transfer rates over older version
  • Firmware updateable

Videos of vLinker FD+ in use:


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