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Foxwell Tool Chooser

Are you confused by the range of Foxwell tools we offer? What vehicles do they cover, and what features do they offer?

To make things a bit clearer, simply select the level of coverage you'd like below.
We'll then show you which tools offer that coverage, and how their features compare.

Please select the level of coverage you are looking for:


Single Make Tools

All Makes Tools

Enhanced Single Make Tools



Price (inc. VAT & UK delivery) £164.00
EOBD engine management coverage
(2001+ petrol cars, 2004+ diesel cars)
Live sensor data from supported systems
4 Systems diagnostic coverage
(Engine, ABS, Airbags, Gearbox)
ALL Systems diagnostic coverage
Service light resets?
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) service?  
(on some makes)
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functions?  
(on some makes)
Car battery configuration?  
(on some makes)
Additional service / calibration functions?  
(on some makes)
Component actuations?  
(on some makes)
Soft coding functions?  
(on some makes)
Pre-OBD-II adaptor cables included?
Free software updates? Lifetime
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