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HEX ezCAN Extension Kit

HEX ezCAN Extension Kit for BMW, KTM & Harley Davidson

HEX ezCAN Extension Kit
Product Code: EZCANEXT
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Product details

Product details

The HEX ezCAN Extension Kit for BMW, KTM and Harley Davidson models.

The HEX ezCAN Extension Kit provides you with everything that you need to connect your front auxiliary lights, brake lights and horn to the ezCAN, with additional connectors to facilitate other accessories.

Also included:

  • Four extension wires
  • 1m cable that can be trimmed to the correct length
  • Female connectors with terminals and seals are provided so that they can be used when cable is trimmed to length
  • Male connectors to be used on your auxiliary lights and wires to your accessories
  • Heat-shrink to finish off sheath when cable is trimmed
  • Sheathing for finishing of wiring on the light side
  • You can also connect the output stubs to the extension cable to wire up your aux lights
HEX ezCAN extension kit

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