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HEX ezCAN Gen II package for BMW R1200LC & R1250

HEX ezCAN Gen II package for BMW R1200LC & R1250

HEX ezCAN Gen II package for BMW R1200LC & R1250

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HEX ezCAN Gen II package for BMW R1200LC & R1250

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Product details

The HEX ezCAN (Generation 2) Package for BMW R1200LC & R1250 models.

The ezCAN plugs directly into your bike’s CAN-bus and provides you with a highly configurable, seamless plug and play solution to add up to four accessories to your bike without the need to cut any wires or void your warranty.

The power to manage your accessories safely.

The HEX ezCAN accessory manager lets you add and configure accessories with ease and without cutting any wires. It’s simple and easy to fit additional lights, an air horn, accessories and emergency brake lights that make the bike safer to ride.


  • One device manages everything
  • Integrated control
  • Integrates additional safety features
  • Does not void warranty
  • Plugs directly into CAN-Bus (saves installation time and wiring complexity)
  • Unobtrusive – fits perfectly under the seat
  • Easy configuration of software via USB (Mac and Windows PC)
  • Four individually electronically fused channels
  • Waterproof and dust-proof

Easy Installation

  • Download and install the configuration software
  • Install the ezCAN under the seat or side panel
  • Route and connect the ezCAN battery cables
  • Route and plug the ezCAN into the motorcycle CAN-bus
  • Plug accessories into the ezCAN and configure via USB (Mac or Windows PC)

Supported Models

  • R1200GS LC - K50
  • R1200GS LC Adventure - K51
  • R1200RT LC - K52
  • R1200RS LC - K54
  • R1200R LC - K53
  • R1250GS - K50 (new)
  • R1250GSA - K51 (new)
  • R1250RT - K52 (new)
  • R1250RS - K54 (new)
Click here for the full installation guide for LC models...

Package Contents

  • HEX ezCAN Gen II for R1200LC (Liquid Cooled) & R1250 models
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 2 x Velcro Strips
  • 4 x Cable Ties
  • 8 x Stub Connectors
  • 2 x Blanking Plugs


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