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Foxwell NT4021 Pro AutoService Tool

Foxwell NT4021 Pro EOBD, OBD-II, Oil Service Reset, Electronic Parking Brake & Battery Config Tool

Foxwell NT4021 Pro AutoService Tool
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Product details

Product details

Electronic Parking Brake, Oil Service and Battery Configuration in one tool!

* We are now supplying NT420 units in place of the NT4021. The NT4021 has been discontinued and the NT420 is its replacement. Both offer the same functions. If you order this item, we will supply and NT420 Pro Service Tool *

The Foxwell NT4021 AutoService Pro tool combines the coverage of the NT401 Oil Service Reset tool, the NT415 Electronic Parking Brake service tool and the NT402 Battery Configuration Tool into a single unit - saving you over £100 compared to buying the three tools individually. It also adds a range of additional functions, such as TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), Injector Coding and DPF

The tool has been specifically designed to offer professional Oil Service Reset, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) servicing, Throttle Position calibration, Diesel Particulate Filter functions and Battery Configuration coverage across a wide range of car manufacturers, at an affordable price - ideal for small garages and enthusiasts.

The tool also features a comprehensive EOBD / OBD-II mode, to offer engine management fault code reading and live data from any EOBD compliant car (all* petrol cars from 2001 onwards, diesel cars from 2004 onwards).

The tools are supplied to us from Foxwell with most of the software on a recent version. Currently this includes coverage for cars (with a standard 16-pin diagnostic port) from the following manufacturers:
O = Oil service reset coverage
E = Electronic Parking Brake coverage (EPB)
B = Battery replacement/validation functions
T = Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) functions
D = Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functions
Foxwell NT4021 AutoService Pro Tool

  • European Makes:
    • Abarth (O - Petrol models only)
    • Alfa Romeo (O - Petrol models only/D)
    • Audi (O/E/B/T/D)
    • Bentley (O/E/D)
    • BMW (O/E/B/T/D)
    • Bugatti (O/E/D)
    • Citroen (O/E/B/T/D)
    • FIAT (O - Petrol models only/D)
    • Ford (EU) (O/E/T)
    • Jaguar (O/E/D)
    • Lancia (O - Petrol models only/D)
    • Land Rover (O/E/T/D)
    • Maybach (E)
    • Mercedes Benz (O/E/D)
    • Mini (O/E/D)
    • Opel (O/E/T/D)
    • Peugeot (O/E/B/T/D)
    • Porsche (O/E/T)
    • Renault (O/E/D)
    • Rolls Royce (O/D)
    • SAAB (O/E/T)
    • Seat (O/E/B/T/D)
    • Skoda (O/E/B/T/D)
    • Smart (O)
    • Vauxhall (O/E/D)
    • Volkswagen (O/E/B/T/D)
    • Volvo (O/E/B)
  • Asian Makes:
    • Acura (O/E/T/D)
    • Honda (O/E/T)
    • Hyundai (O/E/T)
    • Infiniti (O/T)
    • Isuzu (O)
    • Kia (O/E/T)
    • Lexus (O/E/T/D)
    • Mazda (O)
    • Mitsubishi (O/T/D)
    • Nissan (O/T/D)
    • Scion (O/E/D)
    • Suzuki (O)
    • Toyota (O/E/T/D)

  • American Makes:
    • Chrysler USA (O/D)
    • Ford USA (O/E)
    • GM USA (O/E/T/D)

  • Chinese Makes:
    • Roewe (E)
    • BYD (T)
    • Brilliance (T)
    • Chery (T)
    • GEELY (T)
    • Greatwall (T)


Service Light Reset coverage for over 40 Asian and European vehicle makes:
  • Resets Oil Service Light
  • Resets Oil Inspection Light
  • Sets Inspection Service Interval (1 & 2)
  • Sets Inspection Mileage
  • Provides on-screen service reset instructions for vehicles which do not support electronic service resets
Electronic Parking Brake servicing coverage for over 30 Asian and European vehicle makes:
  • Deactivates and re-activates brake control system
  • Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement
  • Advances calipers after servicing to the original position, without affecting current calibration
  • Reads and clears trouble codes (fault codes)
  • Turns off brake warning light
  • Initializes the wear indicator if required when new pads installed
  • Diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality
  • Resets the brake pad thickness after service on Audi A8
  • Performs ECU controlled brake fluid change
Battery Configuration coverage for 8 European vehicle makes:
  • Allows configuration of replacement battery - required on many new European vehicles
  • Supports all brands of battery
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Functions coverage for over 20 vehicle makes:
  • Allows forced regeneration of DPF on certain models
TPS Functions coverage for over 20 vehicle makes:
  • Allows configuration/calibration of TPS on vehicles
General Features:
  • Compatible with 2015/2016 models on most makes
  • Shows ECU information
  • EOBD engine management coverage for all* UK 2001+ petrol and 2004+ cars
  • EOBD / OBD-II functionality - supports ALL 5 OBD-II protocols and ALL 10 test modes
  • Read EOBD / OBD-II live sensor data
  • Merge live data graphs for easier fault diagnostics
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive menu-driven operation
  • Large TFT colour display (240 x 320 pixels)
  • Strong housing tough enough to survive the workshop
  • FREE Lifetime Software Updates after registration
(* - EOBD engine management coverage applies to passenger cars with fewer than 10 seats and a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of less than 2500kg, registered from new within an EU member state since 2001 for petrol cars and 2004 for diesel cars)

Package Contents

  • Foxwell NT4021 AutoService Pro Tool
  • 1.5m OBD connection cable (16-pin EOBD/OBD-II connector)
  • USB cable (to power up tool when not plugged into a car)
  • Printed instruction manual
  • 4GB SD Card (inside tool)
  • Soft carry case
Package contents


Software updates

Software updates

NT4021 Pro tools purchased after July 3rd 2017, or within an active subscription period on that date, now come with free software updates for the lifetime of the tool!
(If you purchased your tool prior to that date you would have had 18 months of free software updates - if your updates have expired you just need to purchase an update package once to be moved onto lifetime updates).

To apply software updates to the tool you will need a Windows PC/Laptop and an SD Card Reader.
If we have sufficient time between your order being placed and being shipped, we will often install the latest available updates for you on the day the order is shipped.

Registration part 1 - Create an account

You firstly need to create an account with Foxwell and register your tool.
This can be done through the FoxScanner update software, which can be downloaded for free from the Foxwell UK website.
Just select your tool from the list on the Foxwell UK Updates page and follow the instructions to download the latest version of FoxScanner.

The file downloaded will be a compressed zip file. Open that file and run the installer inside it.
Please note: The installer will sometimes try to install FoxScanner to the D:\ drive. In most cases you will need to change this to C:\

Once installed, open the FoxScanner software.
Click the Register button and complete the registration page to create your Foxwell account.

Registration part 2 - Add your tool to the account

To register the tool, you will need the tool's Serial Number and 'Register Password'.
You can find these on the tool by selecting Setup > About.

When logged into FoxScanner, click the 'Register Products' icon.
On the 'S/N Registration' tab, put a tick in the box marked '001' then select your tool in the Part Number column.
Enter the product's serial number and password, then click Submit.
A confirmation box should be shown confirming successful registration.

Updating your tool

Now close the FoxScanner software, remove the SD card from your tool (making sure the tool is turned off first!) and connect it to the PC via an SD card reader.

Once Windows has detected the SD card, run the FoxScanner software and login again. click the 'My Updates' button.
After a few seconds, a list of the available software updates will appear.
Ensure that the correct serial number is displayed in the drop-down list.
Click the Update button to download and install available updates.

Please note: the update process can take a long time. If your tool has not been updated recently, it may take a few hours for the update process to complete. Once the update has completed, don't forget to 'safely remove' the SD card in Windows before unplugging it, to avoid the possibility of data corruption.


If your updates ran out before July 3rd 2017, your tool will continue to function - it will not 'time out' - but you will no longer be able to access the update servers. Should you wish to continue updating your tool, you will need to purchase an update package, which will move you onto free lifetime updates and restore your access to the update servers.

Product reviews

Product reviews

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Review submitted on 03/12/2019
by Tom Hunt
Product came quickly and extremely well packaged in bubble wrap to keep it from being dinged up. The price was incredible for what you get, I got it on the Black Friday deal so was even more of a steal. Love the fact they even sent a couple of mini haribo packs as well to top it off. Its the small things like that, that let you know they care for each individual package.