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MultiECUScan Electric Hood Adaptor (Adapter 4)

Purple adaptor cable for MultiECUScan for electric hood system coverage

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MultiECUScan Electric Hood Adaptor (Adapter 4)

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MultiECUScan Purple Adaptor Cable (Adapter 4)
MultiECUScan Electric Hood Adaptor (Adapter 4)

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Product details

Electric hood adaptor cable for MultiECUScan software

This is a special break-out adaptor cable specifically designed for use with the MultiECUScan software package, to offer systems coverage on some vehicles with an electric hood module.
See the Supported Vehicles list on the MultiECUScan website for coverage details.

This adaptor also features some additional pin connections to support future software coverage.

Using this adaptor cable removes the need to modify your own interface cables with soldered connections that may prevent them from being used with other vehicles.

What is included in the package?

  • 'Purple' adaptor lead (MultiECUScan 'Adapter 4') - to allow electric hood diagnostics on some models.
    This lead has a purple connector on one end for easy identification.
    - Pin 7 on the diagnostic tool end of the adaptor is electrically connected to pins 7, 8, 11 & 13 on the car end of the adaptor.
    (Pins 4, 5 & 16 are connected straight-through to offer +12v supply and ground).

  • Please note this bundle does NOT include any diagnostic interface cables - this is just the 'Adapter 4' break-out adaptor.
    If you require all 6 adaptor cables, they are available here.
    If you require the ELM327 and KKL interfaces too, they are available with these adaptor cables in a hardware-only bundle here, or a full licensed bundle here.

What do I need to use this adaptor?

- MultiECUScan software (free or licensed version)
- ELM327 v1.3 (or higher)
- A Windows laptop capable of running MultiECUScan with a USB port

IMPORTANT NOTE: This adaptor cable is only intended for use with the MultiECUScan software, on supported Fiat group vehicles, as listed on the Supported Vehicles List.
Use on other vehicles or with other software is not supported and may cause damage to your vehicle or equipment.


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