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Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 USB Package (3 VIN)

Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 USB package for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars (1996 on, 3 VIN limit)

Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 USB Package (3 VIN)
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Product Code: VCV23
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Rating: (21 reviews)

Product details

Product details

VAG-COM VCDS screenshot

VAG-COM VCDS screenshot

Please check the
product comparison chart
to select the required version

HEX-V2 - The new generation VCDS interface!

Serious car diagnostics interfaces for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda models!

The Ross-Tech VCDS package (previously known as VAG-COM or VAGCOM) turns your PC into a sophisticated VW/Audi diagnostic tool, that performs the functions of a factory VAG scan tools for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars.

The Ross-Tech HEX-V2 interface is the new generation wired interface for VCDS, designed to replace the HEX-USB+CAN and Micro-CAN products.

The HEX-V2 is based on the technology of Ross-Tech's revolutionary HEX-NET interface, which was completely re-designed from the ground up to be faster, more secure and more versatile. The HEX-NET and HEX-V2 are the fastest interfaces Ross-Tech have ever sold. They can perform Auto-Scans on 2005 and later models up to 3 times faster than the HEX-USB+CAN interface.

The HEX-V2 is a wired USB interface, for the most reliable connections, but now features a user-replaceable USB cable.
Ross-Tech HEX-V2 - User replaceable USB cable

The HEX-V2 is available in 3 versions:
  • A "home user" version, with which use of advanced functions is limited to connection to 3 unique vehicles (3 VINs) - see VIN limits section below.
    Ideal for a household with one or two VAG cars to look after.
  • An "enthusiast" version, with which use of advanced functions is limited to connection to 10 unique vehicles (10 VINs) - see VIN limits section below.
    Ideal for hobbyists working on a number of VAG cars.
  • A "professional" unlimited version, which may be used on as many cars as you wish.
    If you are in the motor trade, you should consider this package or the HEX-NET.
This product is the home user (3-VIN) version and may only be used for advanced functions on 3 cars.
For enthusiast use, please see the 10-VIN package.
For professional use, please see the Unlimited package.

VIN Limits

Only some VCDS functions are restricted to use on a specific number of cars on the 3 and 10-VIN limited interfaces. Basic functions may be used on as many cars as you wish:

Unlimited functions

A VIN-Limited interface can do Auto-Scans, Clear DTCs, and look at Measuring Values on an unlimited number of cars.
If you directly connect to a control module (e.g. Select > 01. Engine), or use the 'Clear All DTCs' function, VCDS will ask if you wish to store the VIN, but selecting Cancel will still allow the function to continue.

Limited functions

Essentially functions that actually change things in the car are VIN-limited:

VCDS will never count a VIN toward the license limit without the user's explicit permission.
It will always ask you first, thereby giving you the opportunity to decline to "register" a VIN in the interface.

For more information on VIN limits please see this VIN FAQ on the Ross-Tech forums.

VCDS Software Information

Using VCDS on a Windows PC, you can:
  • read and clear fault codes from all systems within the car, e.g. engine, airbag, ABS, instruments, parking sensors etc.
  • view live data from the sensors within the car
  • reset service lights (both fixed and variable service intervals)
  • read stored and intermittent fault codes
  • graph and log live data with the car running
  • automatically read fault codes from all car systems in a single search
  • perform basic setting functions, adaptations and soft coding
  • activate service functions, such as Electronic Park Brake (EPB) to allow brake pad changes
  • supports bi-directional output test and component actuation
VCDS software features:
  • over 25,000 fault code definitions
  • free software updates

HEX-V2 Interface Information

Official VCDS HEX-V2 interfaces from Ross Tech LLC, that work with:
  • VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda cars with the 16-pin diagnostic socket including models using CAN and UDS/ODX protocols (i.e. almost all from 1995 to Current Model Year)
  • Pre-1995 VW/Audi cars, when used with an additional 2x2 adapter (not included)

Important Coverage Notes:

  • Many 2020 and newer model year VAG vehicles are fitted with an SFD diagnostic firewall, which prevents full function coverage without a security token obtained from VW.
    For more details see our SFD help page.

  • The HEX-V2 packages do NOT offer Lamborghini coverage, which is only available with the HEX-NET.

  • Coverage for the Mk1 Volkswagen Crafter / LT3 (2006-2017 model, 2E/2F chassis) is not as comprehensive as other VAG models, as the diagnostics systems are based on the Mercedes Sprinter.
    Ross-Tech have some function information on this page, but if you require coverage for a specific function we would recommend posting a question on the Ross-Tech forums (including the VIN of the vehicle) before purchasing to check support.

Package contents

Packages include:
  • Genuine Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 interface
  • USB link cable
  • VCDS HEX-V2 'Quick Start' Guide
  • VCDS Software updates at no additional charge
  • Foam lined hard plastic carry case
Please note that the HEX-V2 interface does not ship with software on CD - the full, licensed version of the software can be downloaded on receipt of the interface (full details provided with interface)

Buy with confidence - Gendan Ltd are an official VCDS UK distributor

PC requirements

The minimum system requirements for the VCDS software are:
  • Desktop, laptop or notebook PC
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit editions)
  • Approx. 200MB of hard disk space
  • USB port
Slower computers or Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 may work but are not officially supported.

More information

To visit the Ross Tech website for more information, please select an option below:
"Ross-Tech", "HEX-V2", "VCDS" and the VCDS logo are registered trademarks of Ross-Tech, LLC in the USA, used with permission.
Gendan Limited are an authorised distributor of Ross-Tech products in the United Kingdom.
Our VCDS interfaces are supplied to us direct by Ross-Tech LLC in Lansdale, PA, USA.


Product comparison

Product comparison

Below is a comparison of the VCDS packages we offer.

Please click a product link to view more information on the required product.

Package Name HEX-USB+CAN HEX-V2 USB HEX-V2 USB Power Bundle HEX-NET
Price including fully-registered VCDS software
(inc VAT and delivery)
3-VIN limit 225.00
Click here
10-VIN limit 299.00
Click here
Unlimited VINs 450.00
Click here
Click here
10-VIN limit 430.00
Click here
Unlimited VINs 575.00
Click here
Connection to PC USB USB USB USB/Wi-Fi
Coverage Years 1996-2015 1996-Current date 1992-Current date 1996-Current date
Recommended for Professional Use No YES
(Unlimited VIN version)
(Unlimited VIN version)
VCDS-Mobile included No No No YES
Compatible platforms Windows Windows Windows VCDS: Windows
VCDS-Mobile: Platform independent
Supports dual
K-Line (2002+ Audi A4, A6 models)
Supports VW Crafter Mk1 (2006-2017) Partial support Partial support Partial support Partial support
Supports VW Crafter Mk2 (2017-on) No YES YES YES
Supports Lamborghini models No No No YES
(Unlimited version only)
Acts as a "dongle" for VAG-COM, No "Software Activation" required YES YES
(Registration required)
(Registration required)
(Registration required)
Protection from the "Aftermarket Radio Problem" YES
Status/Activity LED YES
2 colour
4 colour
4 colour
Multiple LEDs
Supports cars which require a direct CAN connection YES YES YES YES
Supports Diagnostic Over IP (DOIP) connection No No No YES
(Blue 'HN2' interfaces)
Field Upgradeable Firmware in Interface YES YES YES YES
"Turbo" Mode for Measuring Blocks on newer KWP-2000 ECUs YES YES YES YES
Adaptor leads for earlier VW, Audi and VW LT van included No No YES No
3 metre USB extension lead included No No YES No
Hard plastic carry case included No YES YES YES
Product link Discontinued 3-VIN
Click here 10-VIN


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Our most frequently asked questions about VCDS are answered below:

Will it work on MacOS / Linux / iOS / Android?

No, the VCDS desktop program is Windows software, for Windows 7 or newer.
If you wish to use another device consider the HEX-NET interfaces. The HEX-NET can be used wirelessly through the VCDS-Mobile software with any modern Wi-Fi enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

What happened to the HEX-USB / Micro-CAN interfaces?

The HEX-USB interface had been in use by Ross-Tech since 2004, updating to support new vehicles and protocols via firmware updates. In 2016 Audi introduced some new systems which for the first time Ross-Tech were unable to support with the hardware in that cable. The new generation HEX-NET and HEX-V2 interfaces are able to support these models and are firmware upgradeable to support future changes.

Why are the new cables VIN limited?

Ross-Tech have always wanted to offer the same level of coverage to home users and garage owners alike, but don't think it's fair for a home user working on one car in their spare time to have to pay the same as a garage who are using the product every day on customer cars and making money from its use. The advent of cars offering their VIN (chassis number) electronically has given them a way of tailoring the cost to the way the product is used. Uwe from Ross-Tech has explained it more fully in the VIN limit FAQ here.

What is restricted by VIN limits?

You can still run an Auto Scan, read & clear fault codes and view live sensor data from as many cars as you like.
(If you directly connect to a control module (e.g. Select > 01. Engine), or use the 'Clear All DTCs' function, VCDS will ask if you wish to store the VIN, but selecting Cancel will still allow the connection to continue).
It is only when you try to use any more advanced functions that VCDS will ask if you wish to store the car's VIN (and it will always ask you first, before using one of your VIN allocations).
Again, for more details see the VIN limit FAQ here.

What happens if I need more VINs?

When you store a VIN it is added permanently and cannot be removed. You can however upgrade your interface's license from 3-VIN to 10-VIN and from 10-VIN to unlimited.
The upgrades are 169 each (including VAT) and are available here.

Can I upgrade my HEX-USB+CAN to a new generation interface?

If you have registered your HEX-USB+CAN interface with Ross-Tech and are "in good standing" with them, Ross-Tech do offer upgrade paths to the HEX-V2 unlimited or HEX-NET unlimited packages, which we can usually offer on their behalf.
This is only available on interfaces assembled by Ross-Tech in the USA (some resellers build their own interfaces under license and are not eligible for the upgrade scheme).
If you would like to upgrade your interface, please contact us, with the serial number (HCxxxxxx) of your interface.

How do I install VCDS Software?


Software updates

Software updates

As with previous Ross-Tech products, software updates are free for the life of the cable with HEX-V2 interfaces.
However, the HEX-V2 interface may only be used a limited number of times before you must register it (for free) with Ross-Tech.
A "use" is a connection to any control module, so you may need to register it after running your first Auto-Scan.

To register your interface simply follow the instructions in this video from Ross-Tech:

The VCDS software installed on your PC will automatically inform you when software updates are available, and will offer to install the update itself.

You will also need to update the "firmware" of the interface cable though - this is the operating software stored inside the interface itself.
Ross-Tech recommend checking for firmware updates at least once a month, and after any VCDS software update.
To check for firmware updates, follow the instructions in this video:


Product reviews

Product reviews

If you've already purchased this product, you can submit a review here.
21 customers have reviewed this product so far, with an average score of 5/5:

Review submitted on 10/06/2022
by Simon Palmer
Don't muck about , just press purchase and you will not be disappointed!!!!!
Fantastic company to deal with , with the time served experience to back it all up . Power to the people

Review submitted on 09/03/2022
by Tony B
A great product which arrived quickly including a small gift! It is easy to use and works quickly.
Thank you

Review submitted on 21/02/2022
by Ioan Cercel
The Vcds is the tool i nedded to better understand my car.Easy to use for basic diagnostics but be ware the tool is powerfull and i sugest reaserch before use.Gendan sent the tool verry fast to me.Really LOVED the confiration email put a smile on my face.And the little gift was just...unexpected

Review submitted on 27/01/2022
by [anonymous]
Does exactly what i need it to do simple.

Review submitted on 25/10/2021
by John Noble
I do not normally do reviews but it is good to get something that actually is nice not having link errors. It arrived next Day,and they have a friendly way with Customers.really pleased.

Review submitted on 28/09/2021
by Bill Watson
Very fast and efficient delivery from Gendan with a great sense of humour as well and my order arrived with an unexpected little treat inside! I had bought this item because my other VAG specific diagnostic scanner could not reset the inspection interval on my Audi A3, only the oil change interval. After connecting the Ross-Tech VCDS to the car I had performed a full scan and reset the inspection interval within 10 minutes. Bearing in mind Audi main dealers will charge you around 400 to reset this and carry out an oil change Im quids in already. A very competent and extremely useful tool with good support from the manufacturer.

Review submitted on 10/09/2021
by Francis Mccrorie
What a fantastic service from Gendan. I've been wanting the genuine item after many failed cheap clones. The initial email from them was great - with all the info and humour I needed in one!

Item was delivered exactly when expected - next day! With a little treat that goes a long way.

Thanks Gendan.

Review submitted on 03/04/2021
by Tomasz
Very good, friendly and professional service from Gendan. I have purchased this tool as I wanted to install and start up parking heater in my Seat Alhambra. All went well and works as expected. Gendan folks you have next happy customer.

Review submitted on 28/03/2021
by Richard Horrocks
This was a considered purchase but it does so much more than the cheap products that do not deliver. I was able to reset oil and service intervals without difficulty (most OBD II readers cant do this). No ongoing costs and free updates. Excellent telephone advice and next-day delivery, with good online support including a full manual. No difficulties so far but, if I have any, Im confident that the service will be there.

Review submitted on 09/03/2021
by John Haggis
Had a rat in my van that damaged various bits of wiring also causing the abs and airbag lights to come on.
Could have been searching the van for along time but VCDS helped me locate the faults and then clear them.
Very happy with Gendan service and speedy delivery.

Review submitted on 03/03/2021
by [anonymous]
Had a cool and funny email from Gendan when my product was being processed.
Item turned up,and when I opened it, it had two packets of Haribos in it lol.

Top Traditional Service, just like what we used to get in The Good Ol Days!

Review submitted on 24/01/2021
by John Warner
Fast, friendly, knowledgeable service. Service could not be better. 5 stars all the way.

Review submitted on 19/12/2020
by Garry Wollerton
Needed for my sons car as central locking on front doors or door mirrors not working. Test outputs works a treat and was able to get things working again

Review submitted on 19/09/2020
by G.mgloucestershire
Received my HEX-V2 today. 24 hours after ordering.
Had the roof working on my Audi TT within 1 hour of loading program. Undoubtedly saving myself ss.
Excellent product and a great experience purchasing. Customer service was awesome. #128077

Review submitted on 19/09/2020
by Pete Rouse
Fantastic Product and fantastic service thanks to the team at Gendan

Review submitted on 16/07/2020
by Andy Smith
I deal with many companies on a daily basis but I have to say that your service level and communication far exceeds the others. I rate you as a very professional company who obviously hold their customers in high regard and this shows, not only in your communication but the little touches that mean so much and often get overlooked. Thank you for a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Review submitted on 20/03/2020
by Ian Ramsey
I work within the car trade so can simply get one of our mechanics to do me a favour, but how many favours becomes a pest. I have several VAG group cars across a wide age range and dont mind getting my hands dirty. I purchased as I have two faulty key fobs on my Audi TT.
New Keys supplied and coded from Audi would be approx 200+each. or aftermarket at around 150 each I bought Trade supplied key fobs and by using my old blades only cost me 60 for the pair.
so in conclusion for less than a dealer supplied key job I now have a free VCDS and two new working Keys.

Review submitted on 14/11/2017
by [anonymous]
This product works great and has saved me more than its cost, first time, in saved labour and parts at a main agent.
In fact we have ordered a new Seat for my wife as that will be covered by one of the 3 Vins. My two daughters have VAG cars, so I have a spare Vin to use if they have an issue So we are now a VCDS family!
What I did
The software was loaded on an old Dell with MS Vista with support from Gendan to get it all running (this was because I dont want to use a good-up-to-date-laptop in the garage!)
I had an intermittent Mil on my Skoda Octavia VRS, the car was running fine, except for what seem to be repeated DPF re-gens and a lot of cooling fan run-on when stopping after a journey. I checked the fault on my Enginecheck and found DPF pending and stored P2453 code. I checked the differential pressure sensor which is across the DPF filter with a digital meter and long sewing needles to push through the insulation. The signal should vary between 0 to 5 volts as the filter blocks up, but it was showing 5 V on tick-over and sometimes varying with time. So I ordered the new sensor off the internet and the VCDS from Gendan.
The Hex-V2 USB came first (next day!) and I copied the software onto the laptop and did a full scan and found that the sensor was indeed bad and lots of historical low level faults on the car which I had no idea about. I check them out against the data base of faults and reset them all as they were low level.
When the new sensor arrived I installed it and then using VCDS and the detailed explanations in the windows, (which pop up when the mouse is moved over the item you are looking at), tell the engine control unit that a new sensor was fitted and to set the zero with the engine stopped.
This zeroing is needed because the sensor has two parts one for the high pressure and one for the low and they all have manufacturing tolerances and so the offsets need to be learnt and this requires the VCDS to poke the correct codes into the ECU to set these.
All done and has been working great for a month now .
When my wifes new car arrives I will be out there and do a full scan and store the values for the future.
I can say that VCDS gives me a real sense of security, knowing that if a problem occurs in the future I can plug in and compare scans. Also the bonus of resetting all the service warnings and take a scan when I service our cars.

Review submitted on 22/05/2017
by Terry
Super product Gendan staff very helpful explaining everything that was required to use the tool. I had a fault code from another scanner, phoned up VW and they advised that a new steering rack was required, with the price of hundreds of pounds !!!
Gendan posted the HEX V2 and it was with me next day and to my surprise no steering rack required !!! Saving a lot of Money !


Review submitted on 18/05/2017
by Chris Davis
Dont think Ross-Tech need any introduction as every mechanic knows one of the must have bits of Kit in every VAG owners Toolbox simply to use and worth spending the extra over the inferior cheaper products on the market.
Would Recommend buying from GenDan as well Great service and Communication with a nice little surprise in the packing as well

Review submitted on 28/01/2017
by Mick Mc
Great bit of kit. Bought it to set up two Mk5 Golfs. Still have loads of runs left before any VINs need registered.

Delivered the next day for free along with the treat of a little free gift courtesy of Gendan.

Well chuffed

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