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MultiECUScan Package (CAN cars only)

MultiECUScan CAN-only Diagnostic Bundle for some Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars (Single PC)

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    > Fiat, Alfa Romeo diagnostic tools
MultiECUScan Package (CAN cars only)
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Product Code: FESCAN
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Product details

Product details

Advanced fault diagnostics for Fiat & Alfa Romeo cars - * CAN-only Bundle *

The MultiECUScan package supports fault code reading (and clearing) and†live sensor data from controllers such as Engine, Automatic Transmission, Airbag, ABS and Electric Power Steering.

Finally you can look after Fiat-based cars at home or in the workshop without needing to visit the dealer!

This CAN-only package covers the vehicles from Fiat and Alfa Romeo where ALL systems on the car have moved to the CAN protocols:
  • Alfa Romeo 4C (2008-on)
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta (2010-on)
  • Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-on)
  • Fiat 500 (2007-on)
  • Fiat 500e
  • Fiat 500L (2007-on)
  • Fiat Bravo (2014-on) - * [TPMS requires additional adaptor] *
  • Fiat Doblo (Type 152 & 263 only)
  • Fiat Ducato (Type 250 FaceLift & 290 only)
  • Fiat Grande Punto (2005-2010)
  • Fiat Panda (2012-on)
  • Fiat Punto Evo (2009-2012)
  • Fiat Punto (2012-on)
  • Fiat Qubo / Fiorino (2007-on)
  • Lancia / Chrysler Delta (2014-on) - * [TPMS requires additional adaptor] *
  • Lancia / Chrysler Ypsilon (2011-on)
** Important - 2018+ model year coverage: **
Please note - some vehicles from the 2018 model year onwards (sold since mid-2017) have a "security gateway" module (SGW). The SGW module blocks any diagnostic tool from executing commands on the vehicle (e.g. actuations, procedures and even clearing of DTCs). It is currently not possible to access these vehicles with anything other than FIAT group's dealership tools, without modifying the vehicle.
Vehicles known to be affected so far include MY2018 500X/Renegade, 500L MCA, Doblo, Giulia/Stelvio.

To see the full coverage of the MultiECUScan software please click here.
This package will support any control module listed as working with "ELM" or "ELM C19".

What features are available?

  • Fault code reading and clearing
  • Live sensor reading display (numerical or graph format)
  • Data Recording
  • Actuator testing on supported modules
  • Reset/Programming functions on supported modules
  • Service Reminder Indicator reset on supported vehicles

What is included in the package?

  • MultiECUScan software licence for full registered version
  • Genuine OBDLink SX USB Diagnostic Interface
  • Yellow adaptor lead for low-speed CAN connection
    (Referenced by MultiECUScan as 'Adapter 3')
    * Meets the updated MultiECUScan specification for adaptor 3, with the pin 12 connection required for Xenon headlight coverage on some Alfa MiTo and Fiat 500 models*
  • Quickstart setup guide
  • Access to online support forums on

About the OBDLink SX interface

  • Features the new STN1110 chip
  • The STN1110 chip supports the full ELM327 command set and an extended command set adding many enhanced features
  • The STN1110 is up to 10 times faster than the ELM327 chip
  • 4 times as much flash memory as ELM327 chip
  • Over 5 times the RAM of the ELM327 chip
  • The STN1110 is Firmware updateable while the ELM327 requires the chip to be replaced with each new version

What do I need to use the package?

  • A laptop or PC running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 with a USB port
    (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 may still work, but are no longer supported by Microsoft and so we cannot offer support on them if we suspect the O/S to be the cause of any problems)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP1 or newer. (Free to download from if not already installed).
    For Windows 8.1 & 10, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher is required. This may not be installed by default.
    To install, go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off, and install .NET Framework 3.5.
  • 1.5GHz CPU or higher
  • 2GB RAM (4GB or higher recommended)

The kit includes all necessary software and leads to connect to the vehicles listed at the top of this page.
(If you require full support of other Fiat group vehicles, look at the full MultiECUScan package).

No need to modify interfaces or mess about with break-out boxes, the included interface and adaptor lead provide connections to the required pins to cover all the modules supported by MultiECUScan on the models listed above.

What about updates?

The software licence entitles you to 12 months of free updates from the date of registration.
At the end of the 12 months, the version currently installed will not time out - you can continue to use it.
If you wish to continue updating the software, just purchase a new software licence for a further 12 months of updates.

Return of product

In the unlikely event that you decide to return the product, we will of course provide a refund, but we regret that we cannot refund the software price if the MultiECUScan software has been registered. We recommend testing your vehicle with the free software version available from and only once satisfied it works correctly, using the Promo code included in the package to register the full version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The yellow adaptor cable is only intended for use with the MultiECUScan software, on supported Fiat group vehicles, as listed on the Supported Vehicles List.
Use on other vehicles or with other software is not supported and may cause damage to your vehicle or equipment.


Product comparison

Product comparison

Below is a comparison of our Full Licence MultiECUScan packages available.

Please click a product link to view more information on the required product

Features Multiplexed Package
MultiECUScan Multiplexed Package
Licensed Package
MultiECUScan Licensed Package
CAN-Only Package
MultiECUScan CAN-Only Package
Price including VAT & UK delivery £249.00
Click here
Click here
Click here
Recommended for Professional Use YES NO NO
Vehicle Coverage All vehicles & modules in Supported Vehicles List All vehicles & modules in Supported Vehicles List Only models where ALL systems use CAN
Interface cables included 1 multiplexed cable
- supports all control modules
- all modules supported, but need to switch cables
- only CAN modules supported
Additional adaptor cables required? NO (not required) YES (included) YES (included)
USB PC connection YES YES YES
Bluetooth PC connection YES NO NO
Integrated USB Flash Drive YES NO NO
Number of computers software can be installed on Unlimited - Activation code linked to cable, not the PC 1 1
Product link Click here Click here Click here


Software updates

Software updates

Software updates are free for the first 12 months from the date of software activation.

To update your software just download the installer from when a new version is released, and install it over the top of your existing installation - this will preserve the activation details.

Once the 12 months have elapsed, the software will not "time out" - it will continue to work with the currently installed version.
If you wish to download further updates from this point forward though, you would need to purchase another 12 month software licence.


Product reviews

Product reviews

If you've already purchased this product, you can submit a review here.
5 customers have reviewed this product so far, with an average score of 5/5:

Review submitted on 03/07/2020 by Simon Dongray-burke
This Software was easy to use after great guidance from the team. They talked a complete novice through rewarding and clearing codes etc. Would recommend instead of going to the dealer

Review submitted on 05/03/2020 by John Smith (the1and Only)
3rd purchase from gendan, absolutely surpurb service and advice with no bs. Advised to purchase the correct kit and not a more expensive option. Slowly getting used to multiecuscan for my ducato mh.

Review submitted on 23/09/2016 by Alan
Had the flashy odometer for a while, a garage tried eithout success to do a proxi alignment with their own kit ( i had changed out the drivers door nodule ) an hour after the delivery ( next day i might add ) the alignment was done and the flashing had stopped.

Review submitted on 28/05/2016 by [anonymous]
I bought this for my Fiat Qubo. A must have for any DIY mechanic.
Easy to use and saved me £100s in diagnostic costs.
Super service from Gendan, I particularly liked the sense of humour and my son loved the free sweets

Review submitted on 12/01/2014 by [anonymous]
Works well on my Panda 1.2, 8 Valve 09 car. Quick delivery and good customer service from Gendan. Puts some professional scanners to shame.

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